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add dino stage then human stage

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There are tons of stages between i was thinking on some of them, but haven't had the time to add them. Of course there will be dinos and tons of stages, then human... in a city!

Thank you for playing

what in the world gave you the idea for the starting controls not being wasd? seems like the first thing one would add

Because i came from a distant land lost in time where we use only Z, X and arrow keys... But i will update it with those changes.

Very interesting concept/game. However, I have 2 complaints. When you get to 85 to 90 food the enemy spawns 5x as much and is extremely fast which I have no problem with. The problem I have is the boring first 85 then sudden boom its 10x harder now. Also, I won't hold against you the fact that enemies spawn on you but if you do further work on this I would recommend that you stop. Overall cool game and gives a genre a game in which it is sorely lacking.

Thank you for your time and comments.

I'm trying to balance things, one of them are the enemies spawn point and your spawn point.

Another one is the number of collects, i think it should start lower and increase eventually.

Could you explain this part please? "but if you do further work on this I would recommend that you stop"

Again, thank you for playing and for your kind comments.

Lol for some reason I did not read over my writing as I usually do and that came out. I meant to say to in the future stop the spawning on the character. Sorry for the confusion

Oh cool thank you, i will set a stable spawning point to the character, also when is killed it should have a cooldown for enemies to chase the player, not only being invisible. Thank you again.

Fun game, thank you for making it.

He is talking about the movement keys "w" and "d" (left and right)

Samuel Sb7 wants to use (W, A, S, D) instead of "Z, S, X, C"  Movement is  easier this way.  Many other games use W, A, S, D,  for "up, down, left, right"

Thank you for your kind comment.
About the keys, i can do that easily, as soon as the Jam is officially finished i will polish some small details to make it better and i can implement this keys, i will consider your advice in using those keys as unofficial but accepted rule in all games from now on.

Thank you for playing, i'm glad you have enjoyed it.

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Thank you for playing and for your kind opinion.
Sorry for my ignorance but what does "w d" means?
My primarily language is not english, so i lost the track some times.