Disclaimer: I didn't wanted to make chapters from Ariyan's sword proyect, because i don't want to throw spoilers, instead i made this small rpg for a jam trying to show the taste of visuals and just some generic mechanics that will apply to the main game.

It was not possible at all to finish personalizing all graphics, i hope i have chance to do that later on.

This is a work on progress


Click on the game's screen to avoid screen scrolling.
Use arrow keys to move (or mouse)
Space key (or left button) to interact with people or events.
ESC key (or right button) to open menu.

What's in this build?
As a novice you are recruited to the survival quest, a simple click here and there and collect resources, then you come to the town of Lucinita to register in one of the clans available:
The Guardian's, Mage's, Believer's and the Merchant's guilds.
After registration, you can complete a quest to be accepted on that guild.

Explore the town, visit the random dungeon, the mine, go fishing, buy a house and decore it with furniture.

There is not so much to do, but there is still a lot to do.

Please leave any comments, it helps a lot.


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where is the life book

There is one on the Inn and another one at the church.

The Book of Life doesn't work, when I try to select a Book slot I just hear a sfx that means it's impossible, and it does nothing.

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I'll check it asap

Thank you for reporting it.

I have checked it and it worked for me, tested the save option on the first playable map and then on the book of life in the church and the inn...
IS there a specific location where this error is appearing?