An anime harem style game planed to be full of tropes, cliches and fanservice!
This version is SFW.

Play using arrow keys: space or X to interact Z to menu.

For mobile devices: Click on the place you want the character move, one clic with events to interact, twice to open/close menu 




*Some minor editions made to make loops.

Every xmas by Congus bongus at CC0

pop_643  by Pro sensory at CC0

Happy  by Syncopika at CC-BY 3.0

Take a trip by Genaralskar at CC-BY 4.0

Spectacle carousel by 3x blast at CC-BY 3.0

Happy synths loop with slight christmas feeling by 3xBlast at CC0


Splash Screen By Deptula

Conditional choices by Aloe Gunver

Single menu by Ventiqu * With extensive modifications

Credits by Galv

Lighting by Terrax

Simple bar by  S Rank Crazy

Hud, Date system & others  by Sipsop at CreativaGs


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Thank you. I will upload the files missing.
IT'S DONE. If you want to give it another try.
Thank you for reporting this issue.

Good intro, though I got stuck on loading errors arriving in town. 

Failed to load: img/pictures/hud1.png