This is not really a game, i found hard to think on my magical girls powers allineations, and so,  i think some other people should have the same problem, that's why i decided to make this generator, to help them to get more ideas about their girls, perhaps some creators will find inspiration from this tool.

Just clic on create and it will show you some basics about a random created magical girl.

Update 210217 - Added an "Again" button to randomize again without going back title.

Added personal likes-

Added picture button, DOES NOT WORK ON THE WEB VERSION, please wait for the desktop version to be released.

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TagsCharacter Customization, creator, magical-girls, Pixel Art


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Interesting! Is there a way to keep randomizing without going back to the start screen?

Also clashes between the chant and the Power! Very surprising! Along with "bad" powers existing, like Poison! Although, I seem to be getting more matching than not...

So I guess some Poisons not having a poisony chant is an error? Like Geminis 25 151 Poison: Espiritual Temple Spirit?

Are you using some alternate spelling of Zodiac signs? Geminis for Gemini, Tauro for Taurus and Sagitarius for Sagittarius?

My faves right now:

1. Libra 26 154: Love: Espiritual Romance Alchemy

2. Star: Titanic Star Constellation

2. Aquarius 24 173: Holy: Espiritual Sacred Beam

3. Pink Hair Blue Eyes Green Dress Wand: Leo 24 174: Poison: Heal Poison Constellation

4. Cancer 17 162: Love: Heal Crystal Soul

I should probably stop or this is gonna get looong. Gonna store all this inspiration elsewhere! Thanks!

I'm glad you have enjoyed it and thank you for your feedback

Iin fact, eveytime you click it randomizes apparience and powers, and there are some skills most related to the power than others.

About the spelling i will check it.

I think i can make the continue creating button

Also i want to set an engine that allows you to save image right from the creator into a folder, but i want to do it using some kind of card template and i want to make more outfit, weapons and hairs.

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Cool! Nice update! Lol at how Google confirms that "Sagittarius" is right, but the "tt" is throwing me off.

Good thing I looked at the description for Photo mode. Good luck on making a downloadable. New power! Volcano!

Oooh, a likes section! Gonna see if I can get all animals, or at least cats and dogs...



Vulcano > Volcano

Cherrleading > Cheerleading

Mistery > Mystery

Pop idols > Pop Idols (because everything else is capitalized)

Burguers > Burgers

Doramas > Dramas [Not sure if that's what you meant.]

Capricornus > Capricorn (I think you want the sign, not the constellation?)

Milenium > Millenium


Maybe I should do this by Discord PM... I'm Malady.

Thank you for the spell check i will fix them all on the next update! Also thanks for the discord option... now i have to check that old discord account LOL.

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Ah. Sorry. Looks like I made some mistakes in the questionnaire section asked before submitting any game, and I had to change a few things, and now itch gives an error when I try to view your submission page. Mind re-submitting your game (or in this case, according to your description, just a tool)?

P.S.: Because it caused a big crash in the system I had to remove this temporarily. Please resubmit your submission

Done, i'm sorry for the unconvenience, i wanted to upload as soon as possible to help creators to get ideas about magical girls characteres, powers and filiations.

I don't see it like a real game, it's a character creator mainly, so there is not so much to play with, but it is fun to see what kind of girls the program shows.

Thanks for the cooperation!!

Just curious but plan on submitting something else?


I want to, but this week started school and i don't know if will have enough time to work on this, i don't want to make trash, because i love magical girls so much and they reserve respect. If i find the time i will, otherwise i will on your next magical girl's jam. I hope you continue doing this.

The next jam will probably be made coinciding with Japan's summer vacation (just like this time coincides with Japan's spring vacation) -- so MGGJ4 will probably be in August.

Good luck until then ^^