A kawaii game made with Gdevelop intended for mobile devices.

Collect pets by solving minigames.

ONLY 4 LEVELS ARE FINISHED. But the game has an end.

Wanted to add more pets and features, but time ran quickly!

Suggestions or comments are wellcome


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Glad to hear that!

The pongiun moves really cute to the music :D

Thank you!

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Is this game only made to work on mobile devices or is it intended to work on laptops and PCs too, because I am on a laptop and cannot get past hitting "Go" on the level menu.

Hello! It works on any browser, looks better in mobile devices, but it's a web based game, so you can play it on PC lap any OS with browser.

If you are on the road map screen you should select the first dot from down to up then the penguin will appear over it and you can click go, I have tested it and working ok.

Maybe you are not selecting the dot. I'll check if you can play it.
Thank you!

Thank you. I was clicking the top dot instead of the bottom dot.

I should set the numbers visible from the begining.
Wrote it down already. Thank you.

You're welcome :)

very cool game! Is this going to become a game on google play or anything like that?

Thank you!
I made it to be mobile friendly and it could be cool to finish it and upload to google play, but i need to solve first the fee to register in google. For now it is free and without adds!

Awesome bro!



Thank you!