WASD or ARROWS  to move

E key to interact. 

Since i made Small Life (March, 2019) i wanted to make a new isometric version with more  possibilities of configuration, also i wanted to play with a coloring system i made and never used.

Most of the time was expended adding graphics and functionality to the demo to make it fully playable, it just work in browser and it's not mobile friendly yet, but it will be used for a future project i have in mind already.

What to expect on this prototype?

Mainly coloring room, furniture and character clothes, also it gives rustic actions with furniture.

Any suggestions, comments or critics are wellcome!


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It looks really fun! But for me I can't seem to get past the main screen to play the game due to their being no buttons displaying?

It is possible you are on private mode on yourbrowser?

Game Will récord data later on and it does not run on private navigation