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A 100% safe game for kids.

It's simple and colorful i hope your kids enjoy it.

Just press the button to discover any surprise from the egg machine,
You can also open boxes or see what you have collected so far!

I made this game for my son and it was never released (untill now) 

I don't own or claim any rights on the character's graphics shown, they are property of their respective owners.

I don't know if it will be available for a lot of time because of the trademarks, in the meantime enjoy it. 

Any feedback is apreciated.


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Ha. This is really cool!  Well done!

Thank you, i'm happy because i finished it in time.
Also i'm glad you liked it, i hope some kids play it and perhaps i could make some original stuff for the game.
Cool idea this jam, i hope you continue with this later on.