This game is my first attempt at making a graphic adventure game.

Designing the puzzles and drawing almost all the elements took much more time than was available. 

However, since I wrote the entire document, the idea is to finish it because it is worth it, in this little demo there is only one mission, but it gives a very good idea of the look and feel of the game.

So far it's very light (7 MB) and I hope it stays that way even in the Android and windows version.

Fixed Bugs: Spanish language on security system. Paintings changing graphics, mirror actions corrected, Inventory now shows correct info on items.
Added: Inn sign on the street. Hint to disguise.

Next chapter will not be available until the game is scored.


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The story of a deluded would-be loverboy is intiguing. Unfortunately the demo ends just as things are getting interesting. The English translation needs polish. It also took me a long time to figure out how to change into the disguise, even after gathering all of the needed items; you need more signposting there. Maybe after gathering the last item have the narrator say something like "Now I can change in the bathroom. I'll have to see how it looks."

Anyway the full game might be fun, but I'd recommend having someone assist with the English translation. Also, I was confused as to the setting. At first I thought it took place at a library, so I was puzzled why there was a party and a pool in the back. Maybe on the first screen (when the player is standing outside), put a sign on the building identifying what it is. Is it a hotel?

Some minor bugs I noticed:

-when examining the paintings on the wall, the sprites disappear

-choosing an item directly from the inventory menu results in a generic message like "You have chosen item number 9"

-the description of the security system is still in Spanish

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Thank you for playing and for your comments.

I think i could fix as soon as possible those bugs. About the disguise, i was thinking how to help player to realize the next step, your suggestion really helps and i will think how to give it clues.

A sign on the front of the hotel is a must. I'm working on making a neon sign.

Actually i wrote 8 missions and the end it's an expected twist, i  want to finish this game but jam wasn't enough.

I will try to polish the translation.

Thank you again!

Fixed almost anything, but the language polish that will require a lot of time and some help.

Nice! Yeah, I knew it was episodic going in -- looking forward to the rest!