Updates and improves

This update was mainly made for Improve My Game Jam #13

In this version (0.7.8) all needed plugins were inserted and checked to remove engine dependancy and use plugin features.

Light system is added and also a new atmosphere was given to the entire game, i spend some time drawing new scenery objects to give a darker feel to the entire game.

Also added locations, 3 new locations were inserted on the intro active scenes before reaching the shelter, each one gives advantages among the others and you can revisit them.

Why those locations are important? Well, whenever you discover a new location is added to the options you can revisit in order to scavenge resources you will need on game.

Food, water, medicine, paper, pipes, electric wires and more could be found on those locations, but each one has more of the other items.

In this version the HUD was added and it has a lot of visual improvements, new objects on tilesets and i tried to set a darker feel.

Play it here:

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Jan 24, 2021

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