Use arrow keys, interact with Z and spacebar, cancel or menu: X or ESC

Mobile: tap to move and interact. Tap on 2 places to open menu or cancel (multitap).


- Added new active scenes on intro.

- Added scavenge system, randomly got an item related to the place you already are.

- New items and icons.

- Update tileset to add more scenery to set a darker feel.

- Added HUD to show important information.

- Light effects inserted on shelter.

You can revisit places you already was.

You can start explore (only hospital is available on this version)

This version 0.7.8 Mainly have changes on visuals.


This is a early alpha version that shows some of the features i plan to insert in gam.

Find the shelter and manage resources to increase your base and invite new characters to join you.

As game is not finished credits does not exist yet, but music was made by

Undead Cyborg: Alexandr Zhelanov 
Level 3 Theme: yewbic 
Devious technology :  Michael Carey

Game Art was made or remade by Sipsop.

Plugins mainly by Sipsop,

Other plugins (1 each) S_Rank_Crazy, Terrax, Galv, PrimeHover, Hime and Aloe Guvner.

Development log


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Thank you, it's paused because there is a lot of drawing to do, main story also needs some fixes, and i haven't time because of school and work.

But i'm glad you are following it, it inspires me to continue working on it and i will  asap.

Thank you for your interest

Yow your game is amazing and im still waiting for some updates