A prototype to test some mechanics made in RMMV for the 30 day theme jam... but made only in 2 days :D because of school.

I really enjoyed making this, it gave me a lot of new ideas for a bigger game, or perhaps continue with this one.

There are only 3 characters available in this version.


Pick the chest daily.

Items can be upgraded, downgraded or mixed on the crafting table on your room.

You can craft a lot of items already, products from other items can be mixed, upgraded or downgraded.

Logic for items:

Paper is made of wood, and you can make notebooks with it. So... if you collect paper and downgrade it it will turn into wood, wood can be downgraded too. If you have paper and upgrade it it will turn into a notebook. Mix paper and fire to get ashes, mix ashes with sand... and so on. Explore and combine.

Use a elemental item on the second door on the hall to open the upper floors. 

Then offer an item to the zodiac door and it will be released.

You can only release: Sagittarius, Aquarium and Aries (no particular preference, it's just item related)


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I played for 20 minutes unable to progress. I don't know what to do. I enter the elevator and it says its too dark and sends me back to the floor. There is nothing to light anything to see in the elevator. What do I do?

Hi there and thank you for playing.

Here is a hint:

1 - Sagittarius: In the library it says: THE ARCHER.

Collect paper:

You can make an arrow by downgrading paper, then downgrade wood, to turn into a stick.

Mix stick with stick, get Fire.

Set up fire on the elemental room. This will bring light to the dark floor.

Save 1 stick for the next day

2. Collect stone

Mix stone with stone >  ITEM!!!!

 Mix that ITEM with a stick, you should guess the results, i think it's a good offering.

For Aquarius, you should collect water to open that level.

ASHES + SAND > new item + FIRE > collector.

Practically all items on game could be made from ROCK, PAPER or SCISSORS. 

Hope this helps.

Thank you.