Disconnect from the city's routine and come to this wonderful land and enjoy with  Cubic Dudes the peaceful days on the farm.

Plant, harvest, raise animals and enjoy the simplicity of rural life.

Enjoy this pre release version and participate by giving your own suggestions to the content on the comments below, Cube Dudes will be glad to hear them! 

Full version will be available for Android, PC and Linux

Actual contents: [update 2022/08/30]

  • Raise and harvest crops
  • Seasons & wheather
  • Fishing
  • Gathering
  • Mining
  • Raise livestock: chickens, cows, sheeps
  • Friendship prototype
  • Upgrade house and field.
  • Unlockable places.
  • JOBS!!!! 0822 
  • Clinic
  • Autosave*: When you go to sleep game is saved on the actual slot. If you want to backup your actual game select anothe slot, save and then save again in the actual slot. You can unlock autosave by talking to the dairy on your table.
  • More tv Channels (still working on this)
  • Pet actions update
  • Furniture shop is open! There is a lot to work there still.
  • 4 Free slots to plant seeds on the main entrance (thank you Kobato, for the suggestion)
  • Fixed some important bugs: sheeps, beach crate, Emma locations, Drinks.

What's Next?

  • Festivals
  • Special events
  • Sidequests

Wanna help me develop further this game?

Development log


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by CreativaGS · 1 post
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