Updates and improves - BIG UPDATE

This is the main map as it exists today.

I have worked hard finishing every map and redoing some of them on the go.

Now every place (besides interiors), is available you can feel the ambience on this small village in the middle of who knows where. The escential shops are there and they are working.
I'm still working on the dialogs and the stories of each character, but they have a place to live and they will. From spring to winter each map has it's own beautyness.

What is new in this version?

Locations, locations, locations!!!!

Mountain, forest, lake and beachs. They all have it's own secrets and resources to collect, sounds are arranged acordly not only to locations, but to time in day.
You now have access to your fields, those that will allow you to raise crops or animals, you can meet friendly guys on the items, tools, chicken cow or sheep shops.

Carpenter is ready to build upgrades on your farm for a fee... (and resource cost) and if you still don't have enough money to buy your land, don't worry, collect resources or help on any shop!


Animals have arrived to the game, you can have a pet, chickens, cows or sheeps raise them and make a living from produce derivated from your beloved friends.

You can also get a horse that comes with a special whistle that allows you to call your horse wherever you are.


Built a seudo relationship prototype that actually works but need deep upgrades, there is still plenty of room for sidequests, special events and, of course, festivals!

Tools break!!!

What??? Yes they do, but they have a very high durability

Next milestones:

Upgrade relationship system
Complete town locations

Hidden locations and misteries!

There is still a lot of work to do,  so expect new releases!

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