Improves and updates

I've worked slowly on this project but still doing advances.

As school is over i decided to advance on this little gem.

Apart from fixing bugs, I've redone some scripting on the friendship system and did an experimental date process, it will be available on the next update.

Redone some graphics and balanced the economics.

As animals are available, so are the girls, and they allow you to work in their place.

House of meetings allows you to help the town grow by giving donations.

I have worked on the place for the festivals and made a special event on the beach to allow you to pick treasures, also the day after a storm you can collect a wooden box from some ship... maybe a sunk?

Worked on interiors!!!

Fishes are divided by the place you catch them and i set up a variable to allow you to discover a mistery.

Next step is to make the place lively by inserting townies here and there AND FESTIVALS!.

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Jul 29, 2022

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